Business Start Up Consultation

We are looking forward to walk you through the entire process - from your business idea to the founding of your company. We will advise you in all questions that arise when you start an enterprise.

Your Benefits

Comprehensive start-up planning covers all areas of the enterprise. Regardless of the planned company size, we will provide you with our know-how.

Well prepared into the future

By choosing the legal form of your business you are already making both tax and social security decisions as well as trade-law decisions. For example, the choice of the legal form of the company must be well considered. A detailed start-up planning has a positive effect on the future corporate success.

Our Services

  • Checking business idea for feasibility
  • Joint development of a concept
  • Advice on the choice of legal form
  • Guide to the GmbH
  • Advice on social security law
  • Creating a well thought-out business plan
  • Assistance with financial institutions
  • Advice on start-up funding options
  • Development of financial planning for the first years
  • Time and profitability plans with cost and income development
  • Calculation of anticipated break-even points