Accounting / Annual Reports

From small business owners to large corporations, every company has to document its business transactions in the bookkeeping system and accounting. From this annual financial statements and reports are created.

Financial statements and tax declaration

  • Preparation of financial statements
  • Special and supplementary balance sheets
  • Production of revenue-surplus invoices
  • Advice on all issues of accounting tax law
  • Preparation of company tax returns
  • Examination of the tax assessment
  • Preparation of applications of all kinds (deferment, remission, reduction, etc.)


  • Setting up an accounting system
  • Taking over and managing accounting
  • Regular compliance advice according to tax and commercial regulations
  • Providing sales tax pre-registrations and aggregated reports
  • Setting up a monthly reporting system
  • Managing receipts digitally
  • Computer aided accounts receivables/payables management

Human Resources

  • Travel expenses
  • Chossing  company car
  • Employee participations
  • Pensions & retirement plans
  • Temp agencies
  • Temporary workers